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Virginia Beach, VA

About Rock-It

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"He who has the most fun, wins."  - Someone Wise

Life is all about having fun, and no sport better emphasizes that than surfing.  Rock-It Surf began with a search for a great beginner surfboard for a 5 year old boy.  There are plenty of huge foam longboards and expensive glorified bodyboards to choose from, but real surfboards with decent shapes that were fun to ride were not easy to come by--and were too costly for starter soft tops.  So we decided to do better.  Nick Naylor, founder of Rock-It surf, spent 12+ years in product development and merchandising prior to starting Rock-It surf.  We chose to combine our passion for surfing with what we have learned in the business world.  Rock-It surf seeks to provide a quality product that will spread the joy of the surfing.  We are a small business, proudly based in Virginia Beach, VA,  that believes in giving back to the communities and the environment that give so much to us. 

We will sell and ship our ALBERT 5'8" and SPUD 4'11" boards directly to you (as long as you are in the lower 48 states), for a flat fee of $25.

Rock-It surf pledges 2% of net profits will go to better causes, and in practice, we've always done a lot better than that!  We are not limited in scope or geographical location in this pledge, and look at it as doing our little part to make this world a better place.  For 2015, we were happy to make a charitable contribution to Waves for Water, a charity that provides clean water to communities in need around the world.  They are an inspiring organization with a great track record--check them out at  For 2016, we donated to Wave Warriors Surf Camp here in Virginia Beach, a charity that puts on a fantastic event in which local surfers get wounded warriors out on the water and into the  We also made a charitable contribution for 2016 to Save the Waves, a foundation that works hard to protect and preserve the beaches and waterways that give us so much joy.

Got any suggestions for how we can sponsor a contest, donate to a good cause or help those in need?  Reach out to us on Facebook or send us an email at